Bad Blogger

Hi Friends,

I mentioned the a grilled cheese party in my post last Friday and promised a post on said party.  Well, my friends came and went and as I was loading the dishwasher I noticed that I had neglected to move my camera off the microwave, my designated “put-the-camera-here-so-you-remember-to-take-pictures” spot.  GAH!  I get so wrapped up in talking to my friends and other hosting duties that I totally forget to document the experience.  Does anyone else do this?

The party was super fun and my girlfriends seemed to enjoy it.  I went to the co-op and bought a five different small chunks of cheese from the cheese end bin.  I hit up the neighborhood Great Harvest and bought three different half loaves of bread.  The girls each came with a different ingredient to jazz up the grilled cheese.  We had pesto, jam, apples, tomato, avocado, and caramelized onions.  Everyone made a sandwich and cut it into piece to share with each other.

The leftovers made for a nice Sunday night dinner so you will be provided with some visual aids of what the food looked like:)

Raw veggies and homemade olive hummus for aps.

Grilled cheese!  This one contained horseradish havarti, tomato, and caramelized onion.

Green bean and Sweet Corn Salad with Summer vinaigrette from the Clean Food cookbook.

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade.   This actually had vodka added to it on Friday night but being that it is Sunday night after a slightly boozey, carb filled weekend I decided to do without tonight ;)

The only thing missing is the yummy triple berry cobbler my friend Anne brought for dessert and the smiling faces of my girlfriends.  We sat picnicked on the floor of my apartment and caught up on life.  A very nice way to spend the evening.

What are your favorite theme party activities?  Any that have been total flops?!



The Perfect Wrap

Hi Friends,

When I first posted about my Rawish Cran Apple Relish, Sophia commented that it would be great in a grilled cheese.  It got super excited by the idea of this.  Yummy melty cheese topped with bitey cranberries and ginger!  I realized yesterday at lunch that the end of the jar was in site so it was now or never.

Onto the Rudi’s Bakery Spelt Tortilla went a chevre, some steamed kale, two slices of locally raised, free range turkey, and some Rawish Relish.  After grilling a few mins on each side, I was left with the perfect sandwich.  Creamy, sweet chevre and tart cranberries stuffed in a crispy tortilla with all sorts of good nutrients from the kale and turkey.  YUM!   Quick, easy and definitely repeatable.

Nugget 11

Friends.  Both on the blog and in person.  I love feeling connected to people.  The more connections I have, the better I do.  I have plenty of socializing planned this weekend which I am looking forward to.  YAY!

Happy Friday,


Sweet Potato Sliders

Hi Friends,

The day before I moved to St Paul, I did not have any food left in my kitchen.  I stopped by Gigi’s, a neighborhood cafe, to pick up lunch and had the best sweet potato falafel sandwich.  There was a nice smokey, heat to the falafel patties.  I have been wanting to recreate it for awhile now and desired that last night would be the night to try.  I combine a few recipes I found online and came up with my own. 

Sweet Potato Sliders

– 2 small sweet potatoes

– 1 cup spinach, chopped

– 1 1/2 TB chili seasoning

– 1 tsp chipolte hot sauce

– 1/2 cup plus 1 TB garbanzo flour

– Poke fork holes in the sweet potatoes and microwave for 2 1/2 min.  Flip potatoes over and microwave for another 2 1/2 min.

– Once potatoes are cool enough to handle, cut potato in half and scoop out flesh.  Mash until smooth.

– Stir in chopped spinach, chili seasoning, hot sauce, and garbanzo flour.  The mixture should be stiff but smooth and of a uniform consistency.

– Form into 9 small patties and place on a greased cookie sheet.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 8 min.  Flip patties and bake for another 8 mins.    

These were ok but not quite what I had in mind.  The flavor was what I had in mind but the outside needed to be crisper to match the perfection that is the creamy falafel center and crunchy outside.  I think either pan frying them or perhaps rolling them in seeds or bread crumbs might help achieve this.  I mixed together a little yogurt with lime juice and hot sauce to go with the sliders.  There is also room for improvement in the dressing department too.  Honestly, I didn’t even think about making anything for dippage until Art asked about it.  Whoops!

I have a full day today.  I have my annual physical this morning followed by a Culinary Council event at Macy’s followed by work followed by collapsing on my couch at an embarrassingly early hour.  I am usually so tired by Friday evening that I prefer vegging at home to going out.  Not so long ago, Friday’s used to be my night.  When did I get so old and lame?!  What are thoughts on Friday nights?  Stay in a chill or go out? 



fun with eggs, pesto and friends!

Hi Friends,

I have been having lots of fun with eggs and my  homemade pesto lately.  Pesto is one of those foods that says summer to me.  It feels wrong to have some in the middle of the winter.

Green Eggs and Fake Pork Product


Yesterday for lunch I scrambled one egg with a blob of pesto.  I cooked some of my Light Life Smart Bacon and made an open-faced sammy for with some tomato and romaine lettuce.  The pesto flavor wasn’t as strong as I would have like it to be.  I could definitely have added more pesto.

Pesto Egg Salad

I have a tub of Whole Foods Spinach Hummus that I am very unimpressed with but I just can’t throw is away.  I decided to put it to use in an egg salad creation.  I chopped one hard-boiled egg and one egg white and mixed it with    1 1/2 TB hummus, 1 TB pesto, half a chopped green onion, a little roasted red pepper, and some red pepper flakes.  The results?  Only sort of meh.  Not outstanding but not awful.

Last night I went to out with Art’s extended family to dinner at an Indian restaurant and to a Todd Snider concert.  It was my first time meeting his older sister and her kids so I was a little nervous.  Per usual, I won them over with my natural charms ;) 

 After I hit publish, I am meeting one of my fav bloggie friends at my fav ice cream joint in Minneapolis.  Expect drool worthy food porn  ice cream in the near future!

Later gators!


I Love My Friends

Hi friends,

I had the afternoon off today.  After a leisurely work out, lunch and visit to Art’s, I was a practice dummy for my dear friend Denise.  She started a massage therapy program and needed to practice.  They are currently studying trigger point therapy in the head, neck and shoulders.  I occasionally get headaches that I believe are caused by tension in the neck and shoulders so she thought I would be a good candidate.

This was different from other massages that I had before.  It was very specific points that she applied pressure to and asked me about the sensations I was feeling as a result.  Some of the points cause pretty intense sensations and others wouldn’t.  The pressure would dissipate after a bit.  It was really cool and my head and shoulders feel lighter now.  I recommend finding a friend in massage therapy school :)  Thanks D!

Fun Meal of the Day!

I love crispy tofu but can never seem to cook it myself.   I cut two thick slices of tofu and wrapped them in paper towel while I cleaned up from my workout.  After about 10 min, I heated a bit of olive oil spray in a pan over medium high heat.  I let the tofu sit for about 5 min on each side before flipping.  Once they became golden brown, I removed them from the pan.  I let the tofu sit much longer than I typically do which I think was the key to achieving crispness.

I spread spicy brown mustard on a piece of toast and topped with spinach, cherry tomatoes and the tofu.  Yum!  Accompaniments included asparagus, a few weird rice chips, and a blob of Whole Foods Spinach Hummus.  The hummus is rather unexceptional.  I’d recommend buying something else.

Super curious to see what is going to happen on SYTYCD tonight with Alex’s injury and all.  Tomorrow is Friday!  WHOOT!


Telling Stories

Hi Friends,

As I sat in my Spiritual Wellness class last night, I has so many moments “I NEED to blog about that!”  So to spare you from a novel, I decided to go with our discussion about the importance of story telling in the meaning making and healing process.  I probably don’t need to convince any of you bloggers about this.  There is something very therapeutic in blogging about my day and sharing the highlights and struggles with all of you.  It really helps me gain perspective and organize my thoughts.

What I found more interesting was the role of the listener, or in the case of the blog world, the reader.  It takes courage to share your story with others and sometimes this sharing comes with a great deal of fear.  As I read blogs, it becomes very apparent when people are sharing things that are hard for them.  We talked last night at length about the difference between supporting the storyteller in what they want reaffirmed and imposing our judgements on what we are hearing.  That is really tricky!  How do you censor yourself when you believe that you have the best intentions of the storyteller/writer in mind?  Does the storyteller want to hear your opinion or do they just want to be heard? 

I’d love to hear thoughts on the above paragraph. I think it is a tricky relationship to navigate.  As we discussed in class, there is no storyteller/writter without a listener/reader!

I ate/packed vegan meals and snacks five, six and seven today.  I’m already at half my vegan meal goal and it is only Tuesday.  I’ve always been a bit of an over achiever :)

Breakfast – Wild Wood Probiotic Soyogurt, strawberries, Kashi Go Lean, almonds and ground flax.  Exact repeat of yesterday.  I noticed that I took my breakfast yesterday and today at 5:24 am.  My birth month and day happen to be 5 and 24.  Does it make me really dorky to admit how happy that makes me?!

Lunch – Broccoli slaw with dried cranberries and Whole Foods Ginger Soy vinaigrette and perhaps the best sandwich I have created to date.  I grilled a slice of eggplant and red pepper in my cast iron grill pan.  I stuck some feta, spinach and kalamata olives on an Earth Grains Thin Bun, added in the grilled veggies, and let the whole thing get all warm and melty in the grill pan.  YUM!  I warmed up a little Newman’s Own Marina for dippage.  über tasty.

Snacks and dinner are repeats from last night but I subbed out the broccoli slaw for broccoli tonight.  The Galeo’s Ginger Wasabi Miso dressing still hold the top spot in my heart.  The Dijonnaise variety was good too but didn’t have the same zip.  I think it would make a good egg or tuna salad dressing.  (I’m hoping that if I keep linking to Galeo’s they will offer to do a give away on my blog!  Their products are tricky to find so this would be a great way to spread the word.)

Well friends, thank you for reading.  Again, I wouldn’t be able to write my stories if you didn’t read :)


Random Bits

Hi Friends, 

I missed you all yesterday.  I really enjoy reading all your post and miss you guys when I don’t get the chance to do so.  Monday was good but busy with a long shift at the coffee shop followed by gym, homework time and class ’til 9:45pm.  I should have brought my laptop with me for the homeworking portion but didn’t feel like lugging it around all day.  Oh well!

Had a great workout today.  I have a small confession to make.  I joined a Jillian Micheals online workout site.  It costs about 4 dollars a week.  I need someone to tell what kind of weights to lift other wise I totally won’t do it.  Guys, I love this site and the workouts.  I’ve been getting noticable results which is kind of fun too !  I felt super rock star as I was going through my circuit today.  The old iPod strung together the following set of tunes.  I swear that the iPod has a brain.  It was good “kick negative thinking in the ass and appreciate you” mix. 

“Bad Romance” Lady Gaga

“I Hate Myself for Lovin You” Joan Jett

“Stronger” Christina Aguilera

“Bootylicious” Destiny’s Child

” I See you Baby” Groove Armada

By the time Groove Armada rolled around, I was going hard and dripping sweat everywhere.  LOVE IT!

Breakfast – plain Stonyfield, blackberries, 1 TB ground flax and Kashi Go Lean

Lunch – unphotographed bowl of veggie chilli topped with goat cheese and Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Chips.  Totally forgot.  I have plenty of chilli left so you will definitely see this meal again case you were just dying to know what it looks like :)

Dinner – Roasted broccoli, carrots and portbella on top of broccoli slaw with a blob of Holy Land Jalapeno humus.  The sandwich was glorious.  I grilled an Earth Grains Thin Bun filled with goat cheese, apples, spinach, dried cranberries and mustard.  I love goat cheese like none other.  Oh!  I wonder if the fainting goats produce yummy goat  cheese?!

I’d like to share something from my Spiritual Wellness class last night.  At the end of each class we will be getting an envelope that we are not supposed to open until we have 15 min to just be with it and then write a reflection.  Of corse, I opened mine once I got in the car as I have no patience for stuff like that.   This week I got a portion of Nelson Mandela’s 1994 inaugural speech.  Normally I am kind of turned off by mentions of God (do you really need to name the higher power?) but I really like this and it is a good closing thought.

” We are all mean to shine, as children do.  We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”   Nelson Mandela.

Shine on my friends!



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