Hi Friends,

I’ve been thinking a bit the past few weeks about whether or not I want to continue blogging.  I still love food and cooking but I have lost my motivation/desire to write blog posts about what I ate for dinner.   GAH!  But I’ve been think about perhaps starting another blog focusing more on over all health which I think may be helpful as I start my career as a health counselor.  It could be a kind of fun niche to blog about maintaining holistic health in the wedding planning process :)  But I still want a place to share ice cream recipes with you all and I kind of like what I’ve created with this blog.  So basically I am at a loss as what I would like to do.  Start another blog and continue this one?  Stop blogging here completely?  Revamp this one a bit?  Suggestions welcome!

See you when I get this jazz figured out :)


11 Responses

  1. Go with what feels good, write about whatever you want. Maybe its ice cream, maybe its wedding, maybe its your new career.

  2. Blogging isn’t an obligation, it’s a hobby. If it isn’t bringing you joy, then don’t do it. There are enough things in life that are required (and not fun) that you don’t want to find your self feeling obligated to keep up your blog.

    Take a break for a bit and see if you miss it or feel relieved.

    Not that I won’t miss you! :)

  3. Kate — do what makes you feel good. If starting over feels right, then do it! I love your recipes/food ideas, but I’m interested in reading more about your wedding planning! I agree with Michelle — take a break and see how you feel after a few weeks.

  4. I enjoy blogs that are a mish-mosh of everything that person is interested in, so combine away if you feel like it! (Mine is definitely a combo blog like that!)

  5. just jazz this one up! You have great advice and recipes already here. Just change the focus!
    (I hope you dont leave! :-)

  6. I think that if you want to go in a different direction you should just make the changes here…Just my opinion. :)

  7. I say write about what you wanna write about! Buttt, write about it here. No need to move :) But I’ll follow you if you do!!

  8. It’s not about SHOULD it is about want…I say DO NEITHER. (except I miss your comments) and DON’T DECIDED. Take this time through AUGUST off and see what comes up. When we decide NOT to decide, all sorts of feelings come out. You are in a period of inbetween right now. Why not, NOT do?

  9. I think you totally revamp this blog! I am all for holistic health blogging. :)

  10. If you’re not feeling it, you shouldn’t feel obligated. It’s supposed to be fun! If you take a different direction, you may get excited for it all over again :)

  11. Love you and miss you :)

    xoxo <3

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