Weekend Recap

Hi Friends,

It was a bit of a crazy weekend.  But I enjoyed lots of quality time with family and friends.  Of corse lots of good food was involved too :)

After hitting the gym Saturday morning, Art and I traveled to my  home town to visit with my grandparents, parents, brother and his girlfriend.  I do not get back there often since my parents don’t live there any more.  My grandparents live on one of the lakes and the weather was lovely on Saturday.  Hello happy  hour on the deck and grilled dinner!

My fam.  It is hard to capture us all smiling at the same time.

Switch out Dad for Mom.

Flashing the ring.

The view off Grammy and Grandad’s deck down to the lake.  I spent a lot of time there in high school :)

Dinner!  Before it met the grill.

Dessert!  An assortment of mini cakes my parents picked up from their local bakery.

I had to include at least one shot of Molly, my parents’ yellow lab.

I worked at the store on Sunday.  Typically Sunday’s are outstandingly slow and I usually read a cookbook or something in between helping customers.  Not the case on a holiday weekend.  I was busy and selling all sorts of yummy food.  I was the only one on the schedule which meant I didn’t get a bathroom break for the entire seven and half hour shift.  Not cool.

I came home Sunday evening and threw together a tasty dinner including barbequed local free range chicken, a strawberry and avocado salad, and a hunk of Rustica baguette.  Best baguette in the twin cities hands down. 

The chicken stayed nice and juicy.  I wish I could tell you how I did this, but I have no idea.  I am clueless when it comes to cooking meat.  Sometimes I get lucky, other times I don’t.  The breast was pretty big so I have leftovers for lunch this week.

The meal was enjoyed while sipping on this lovely cocktail.  The store I work at is now selling a lemonade sweetened with local honey and infused with lavender and mint.  Add a splash of vodka and you have heaven in a glass.

Today we met up with the family again for lunch and a birthday dessert.  We went to Cheeky Monkey Deli which is quickly becoming my new neighborhood fav spot.  It serves basic sandwiches, salads, and treats with an extended menu for dinner and a weekend brunch.  Art and I have been a few times and always leave satisfied.  Good food for a good price with in walking distance of the apartment.  How can you go wrong?!  Plus they now have a patio :)

What did you do this weekend?!



9 Responses

  1. Mmm, that dinner looks so good!
    Cute family photos :D

  2. although I worked on saturday, I got a lot done on my house on sunday and monday. And went on a bike ride with the whole family. It was prefect (but Im TIRED! haha)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend spent in great company. Glad you had a great time, Kate! The food looks deeeelicious! :-)

  4. I also have temperamental chicken on the grill! Sometimes it’s awesome, other times dry as a bone. Blech. I’ve kind of given up and just stick to what I know!

  5. Looks like a fun time :) To answer your question about ym juicer, I just bought a cheap one off amazon. I would recommend looking into a more expensive one if you are really planning to use it though. Mine doesnt juice things like kale or spinach because it isn’t strong enough, which is kind of lame. If I want those things added to my juice I just dump my juice into my blender and blend them in. Kind of the same thing right?? ;)

  6. What a great weekend, the lake looks like such a great place to spend time with family.

  7. That looks like so much fun! It’s great you were able to spend it with family. :)

  8. What a fun weekend, everything looks incredible :)

  9. Ooh – that cocktail looks fabulous! As does your smile in the ring flashing photo. :)

    We spent the weekend swimming – 3 straight days of pools and/or waterparks. My kids were in heaven. Summer is here!

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