Reclaiming my Mojo

Hi Friends,

I have been in a cooking/blogging slump for a good month now.  Yesterday afternoon I had enough and decided it was time to get my booty in the kitchen.  It was great fun :)

First up, a batch of Genius Blondies from Katie.  In strange move, I decided to get rid of all my square/rectangular pans because I my round/oval ones were so much nicer.  I question my logic behind this choice now and blame my tiny, apartment kitchen set up….. So I ended up with a 9 inch pie plate full of gooey, vegan blondie goodness.

There was a most lovely doughiness in the middle of these guys.  I love vegan baked good because you can totally get away with under cooking them a bit.  I topped with some greek yogurt and maple syrup for dessert last night. 

I was craving bacon for dinner and recalled seeing a little bacon/avocado/socca creation on Lori’s blog a last week.  It had been far too long since I had made anything from Clean Food so I decided to adapt the Green Goddess Dip a bit to use in my dinner creation.

Into the food processor went half a box extra firm silken tofu, half a large avocado, a big handful of cilantro, 4 chopped green onions, juice from a small lemon, a big spoonful of miso, a big squirt of spicy brown mustard and a splash of rice vinegar.  I am kicking myself for not measuring more closely.  The dressing is a nice mix of creamy, tangy, and greeeeeen :)

I made a half batch of socca and topped with the dressing, romaine, cherry tomatoes and bacon.  Partnered with grilled asparagus, it made for a lovely little dinner.

It felt so good to spend the evening in the kitchen cooking again.  I think my mojo is back and Art certainly appreciated a nice dinner. 



13 Responses

  1. Oh my WORD! You are agenius! You made a blondie CAKE!!!
    Putting this on my feature post; it is awesomelicious!

  2. I’ve had a lack of mojo in the kitchen lately, life is getting busier and I am just not cooking as much.

  3. those blondies look delcious!

  4. I’ve been mulling over my own spin on those Genius Blondies! I love seeing they worked for you. :)

  5. Yum! I’m glad you liked the socca creation and look at that dressing you made! YUM!

    I’m going to need to try that blondie recipe now. It looks wonderful! Super moist and rich.

  6. I also love desserts that aren’t baked all the way through — I like them gooey!

    The BLT socca dish looks delicious too!

  7. Yay!!! Glad to have you back. :)

  8. Oh my that dessert looks amazing!!

  9. Love the genius blondies!! I’d love to make them if I had a food processor..but for now I’ll look on and drool form the other side of the screen.

  10. Wow – you come back strong! My first day back in the kitchen usually involves triscuits and avocados. :)

    Looks delicious.

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