Mexican Lentils

Hi Friends,

I have been on a Mexican food kick lately.  Perhaps it because Mexican food is so easy to make and so yummy to eat or perhaps it is because I would love to be some place warmer.  Who knows?!

After a quick google search for portions, I came up with a recipe for Mexican inspired crock pot lentils on Sunday.  They turned out much better than I anticipated.  Art and I agreed that they we preferred them to the ground beef tacos and shredded salsa chicken I made a few weeks back.

Crock Pot Mexican Lentils

– 1 cup brown lentils

– 1 cup chopped onion

– 1 cup salsa

– 1 package Frontera New Mexico Taco Skillet Sauce

– 1 1/3 cups water

– 2 tsp oregano

– 2 tsp cumin

– 3/4 cup frozen corn

– Soak lentils overnight.  Drain and rinse in the morning.  (This isn’t necessary but it removes the phytic acid from the lentils)

– Place all ingredients in crock pot and stir.  Cover and cook on low for 7 hours or until lentils are soft. 

– Stir in frozen corn about 15 min before serving.

Easy peasy!  I was going to used a blend of spices to create my own taco seasonings.  At the grocery store I realized my Frontera coupon was for $1.50 off of two items (don’t you hate when they do that!), hence the purchase of the New Mexico Taco Skillet Sauce  I am pretty sure that is what the made the dish so tasty.  There was a nice amount of heat to the lentils without being too hot.

We made big taco salads with brown rice, romaine lettuce and grilled red peppers.  You could use the lentils on top of nachos, in tortillas, on top of sweet potatoes…..  whatever else you desire!  I bought my lentils in bulk and ended up with twice as many as I needed.  What should I make with the rest of the lentils?! 



14 Responses

  1. Wow my boyfriends mom just made this for us the other day and it is delicious. She didn’t add corn though-but corn is def my favorite veggie.

  2. I made some lentil-barley ‘burgers’ from cooking light last year that were really good. I also love another cooking light recipe for lentil soup – search for Bree’s Lentil Soup. It’s easy and different.

    I love Mexican flavors, so I’ll have to try these.

  3. I’ve never used lentils but I love how you added your own Mexican touch to them. That meal looks incredible :D

  4. I have a recipe for lentil burgers on my blog that is quite tasty :) I actually used it more as a salad topping than a burger, but it was still delish!!

  5. That is SUCH a great idea to sub lentils in for ground beef or other ground meat in a taco-style dish. I have used crumbled tempeh that way, but never lentils. Don’t know why I never thought of it…but thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. I am not a big lentil person but this looks amazing!

  7. Kate I’ve never used lentils in recipes — not sure why, but I’m intimidated by them!

    Lentil soup?

  8. Ahh I love lentils! Make lentil burgers (recipe to come on my blog in a few days!!)

  9. Yum! i have no idea for your next recipe, but i know i need to eat more lentils. and i need to get a crock pot, asap! :)

  10. Definitely lentil burgers, like others commented with. Mmmmm. Sounds so good. Or you could use them in a hummus, instead of the chickpeas. Super good. :)

  11. You can totally make lentil and rice cakes. :) I made some not to longago and turned out awesome. I love me some lentils.

  12. That looks so delicious! I haven’t had much success with lentils, I’ll have to try this out.

  13. Wow – we are definitely on the same wavelength with the Mexican food and warm thoughts thing.

    As for the rest of your lentils, this is my strong recommendation:

  14. […] 3.  Mexican food.  I was sad to eat the last of the leftover lentils yesterday.  They kept really well.  […]

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