Hidden Sources of Gluten

Hi Friends,

We got socked with SNOW yesterday.  I was working and we actually closed the store early as it was so bad.  Boo!  I can hardly believe that a week ago our apartment flooded due to warm temps and melting snow.  Minnesota, I shake my fist at you.  My classes for this evening are canceled so I will have a leisurely day at home.

So, I had a moment in the Whole Foods Saturday morning while shopping for mustard.  As you know I am trying to eat gluten free.  There was a brand of mustard on sale with a gluten free symbol on the package.  It was still a good dollar more than regular mustards not listed as gluten free.  The ingredient lists were similar with an exception of one or two items.  I didn’t see wheat, barley, rye or oats listed on the mustard package so it had to be gluten free too, right?   Was a little mustard based gluten really going to affect the outcome of my little experiment?  How intense about this gluten elimination was I going to be?  It was way too early on a Saturday morning to having such thoughts in Whole Foods :)

I ended up with the gluten free mustard and figured it was time for some more research.  If the extra dollar I spent keeps my body health and functioning well, I’d say the investment is worth it.  If I am going to do it, I might as well really do it!

One of classmates has had Celiacs for awhile shared this article with me.  It lists the less commonly known sources of gluten in foods.  I wrote them down to keep in my purse so I will be prepared for future shopping trips.  

I found a list of tips to avoid cross contamination of gluten free food.  The article recommend buying a separate toaster for gluten free products and separate jars of peanut butter and what not only to be used on gluten free products.  If crumbs from non gluten free bread get into the toaster or jar of condiment and come into contact with gluten free products, they will become contaminated.  I think these rules will be where I draw the line.  We really don’t have space for another appliance in our little kitchen.  I still need to ponder this a bit….

I definitely know that these pancakes are gluten free.  And I definitely know that snow storms call for pancake breakfasts.

In the need for something tropical, I edited my socca cake recipe a bit.  I switched out the cinnamon and vanilla for a few shakes of curry powder (deemed gluten free after looking at the label for non clumping agents!).  Topped with frozen mango chunks warmed in the microwave, coconut milk yogurt, and a drizzle of honey.  The mango/curry/honey combo is awesome.  What is your favorite oddball flavor combo?


Ay!  Long post!  Off to move my car to the correct side of the street so the snow plows can come dig us out.


10 Responses

  1. Awww Minnesota. Don’t miss that part of it! Good luck dealing with the snow!

  2. my weird food combo is peas and macaroni- very strange my family says, but SOOO delicious haha

  3. snow storms definitely call for pancakes!! that and a big bowl of soup inside a bread bowl. oh wait you cant have gluten. ok then a gluten free bread bowl :)

  4. I don’t know how you can handle so much coldness! lol It’s really warm over here. Those pancakes look delish. Have a great day :D

  5. I think my entire culinary career involves oddball flavor combinations…how can I pick just one?

    This weekend I tried a flavored water that was lychee and wasabi. Now that was weird. And yet…intriguing. Also orange + mustard. And I recently discovered that strawberry rhubarb + ham & cheese is delicious.

  6. Dang, I had no idea mustard would have gluten in it, too. I thought it was more of a wheat-only thing. That’s interesting.

  7. One of Jason’s friends has a sister who is severely allergic to gluten — she needs to have separate appliances, jars of food, etc. I can’t imagine doing that — I know I am fortunate to not be sensitive to gluten.

    Good luck with your “experiment” — so strange about the mustard — maybe the other one is produced in a facility that has gluten? I would think they’d have pretty strict standards to be labeled GF or not.

  8. Snow storms def call for pancake breakfasts! Everyday calls for one. Every pancake recipe I have ever created is a strange creation of flavours that I tend to be craving at the moment.

  9. Banana and Avocado and maple syrup….with macademia smashed nuts…

    I like living 50% gluten free. Makes those breads made in artisan european fashion so much more………WOW. Tasteful.

    I lived a week living on foods only produced within 100 miles of where I lived.

    Very intriguing what I learned about my eating habits.

  10. You can also check the “manufactured on” statement. If it was manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat or if it was made on shared equipment with wheat. Unless you have Celiac Disease or a severe intolerance, I don’t really think separate appliances are necessary.

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