Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Hi Friends,

I love Valentine’s Day and wanted to make an ice cream to celebrate the occasion.  For some reason, chocolate and raspberry has always struck me as a Valentine’s day combination.  After my recent coconut milk ice cream successes, I decided to challenge myself a bit.  I wanted to make a nice dark chocolate ice cream with a ribbon of raspberry sauce running through it.  If  Deadheads Ben and Jerry can create ribbons of gooey goodness running through their ice cream, why can’t I?!  After securing all necessary ingredients, I got to work.

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

– 1 can coconut milk

– 1 can reduced fat coconut milk

– 2 TB arrowroot powder

– 2/3 cup sugar

– 1/2 cup plus 1 TB coco powder

– Dissolve arrowroot in 1/4 cup light coconut milk and set aside.

– Heat remaining coconut milk and sugar in a saucepan over medium high heat whisking well.  Once bubbles start to form around the edges of the pan, add coco powder and continue to whisk. 

– Once combine, remove from heat and stir in arrowroot mixture.  Place in the refrigerator until completely cool.

Raspberry Sauce

– 1 heaping cup frozen raspberries

– 1 1/2 TB sugar

– 2 tsp arrowroot powder

 – 1 TB water.

– Dissolve arrowroot in water and set aside.

– Heat raspberries and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat.  Once liquid, remove from heat and stir in arrowroot mixture.

I started mixing the chocolate ice cream base as usual in my Kitchen Aid.  After about 15 min of mixing, I stopped the machine.  My plan was to add a spoonful of raspberry sauce and mix for 10 seconds repeating until all the sauce was added.  I thought this would create lovely swirls.  NOT THE CASE!

The ice cream base was too thick and creamy so my maker wasn’t able to start mixing again when I turned it back on.  It was getting stuck and I couldn’t figure out how to remedy the problem.  After multiple curse words, I gave up and dumped all the raspberry sauce in and stirred it up by hand.  Boo!

The result tastes awesome.  Very chocolatey and creamy with bits of raspberry.  I can’t complain about the finished product and now have an excuse to make another batch of ice cream in an attempt to create a pretty ribbon :) 

Have a good weekend!


16 Responses

  1. I need an ice cream maker so I can have this now!

  2. Yum, must make asap!

  3. you are on an ice cream kick! i love it!

  4. That looks SUPER good–and so festive :)

  5. You should quit your day job and become a gourmet ice cream maker. Not sure how you’ll pay rent, but, you have a gift!

  6. *Perfect* treat for Valentine’s Day! :) Raspberries and chocolate..can’t go wrong.

  7. This just MADE my day and Valentine’s Day. Wow. This looks sooooooo good! I need to make some of your ice creams since yours always look like they turn out amazingly! :)

  8. Very convenient for Valentine’s Day ;) Boo that your swirls didn’t work, but I’m rooting for next time!

  9. oh Kate, you had me at chocolate. :) reminds me, i really need to get an ice cream maker…
    hope you’re enjoying your weekend! doing anything for valentine’s day?

  10. What type of ice cream maker did you use or does your KitchenAid have that attachment?

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