Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Hi Friends,

Since my baking fail earlier in the week, I had been wracking my brain for something to bring for dessert to my girls night this evening.  Enter Mexican Hot Chocolate coconut milk ice cream!

During college, my dance major friends and I would eat dinner together most evenings.  We would spend the afternoon in technique class followed by company rehearsal.  At 6:30 would head to the caf ready to eat.  Most meals ended with laughs while nursing a drink we liked to call Shmexican Shmuv.  It consisted of a 1/3 cup coffee, 2/3 cup hot chocolate out of the crappy machine dispenser, a bunch of cinnamon and one packet of creamer.  It was a lovely way to wind down from dancing and gear up for homework. 

I thought my gals would appreciate my attempt at recreating our drink into a frozen dessert.  I based the recipe on the basic coconut milk ice cream base I have blogged about previously.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream 

1 can full fat coconut milk

– 1 can light coconut milk

– 2 TB arrowroot powder

– 1/2 cup sugar

– 1/4 cup hot chocolate mix

– 3 packets Starbucks Via Ready Brew or other instant coffee

– 2 tsp cinnamon

– 1 tsp vanilla bean paste

– Dissolve arrowroot in 1/4 cup light coconut milk.  Set aside

– Over medium high heat combine remaining coconut milk, sugar, hot chocolate powder, instant coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla in a large pot.  Whisk until well combine and bubbles start to form around the edges of the pan.

– Remove from heat.  Stir in dissolved arrowroot and continue to whisk the mixture for another 3-4 min. 

– Place in refrigerator untill completely cool.

– Mix according to ice cream maker directions.

I tried a sample and am pretty pleased with how this turned out.  The texture is on and seems to line up with other batches that have kept well in the freezer.  The coffee comes through pretty strongly and the chocolate and cinnamon take the back seat.  You could play with the portions of chocolate and coffee you use based on your preferences.

Now I just have to get approval from my girlfriends this evening!  Have a great weekend!


12 Responses

  1. Yum!! That sounds amazing!!

  2. Yum!! Ice cream has this power of making everything better lol :)
    Gotta try this since my bf now has an ice cream maker!

  3. This is great!! I’m saving this for whenever I finally buy an ice cream maker. :)

  4. That. sounds. incredible.

  5. this sounds unbelievable!

  6. Girlfriends + ice cream (and chocolate at that) = awesome evening! Hope you had fun.

  7. Wowwww good thinking on this one! Why does everyone have girls nights?! I’m so jealous!!

  8. Oh. Believe me. They WILL approve. Good Lord. I’m drooling.

  9. Yum, I love all of your ice cream creations!

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