I am an old person

Hi Friends,

Despite having people over last night and staying up ’til 1am, my eyes flew open at 6:15 this morning.  After willing myself back to sleep for 20min, I decided to admit defeat and get out of bed.  This marks an important passage on to the next life stage.  My body can no longer stay up into the wee hours of the night and sleep late the next morning.  I am programmed to be an early riser.  Sigh.

Brace yourselves for this next photo.  I nearly squealed when I saw this in the cheese case.

Yes, that would be locally produced pumpkin spice chevre!  I have yet to use it in anything but how yummy does that sound?!   Plus, it is full of calcium!

Not much else to report.  Remember to enter my giveaway for the Macy’s gift card!  Winner will be announced tomorrow.  I should start some homework reading now but I really want to bake something.  Arg!



9 Responses

  1. Pumpkin spice cheese?! How awesome!

    I’m with you on the early riding thing..I used to be able to sleep in, but now it’s 7:00 no matter what. But hey, at least we’re not wasting the day!

  2. I can’t sleep in now either. I’m always up around 6 am. I just feel I get more done in the mornings hehe.

  3. HOLY CRAP. Pumpkin spice cheese??? SO is it sweet? Or savory? Oh my goodness I want it

  4. Hahaha i am so old too!! Just how life goes!

  5. There’s no shame in being an old person…I’ve been one all my life in that sense…early to bed and early to rise, I’ve never been a late night person ;)


  6. Ugh — I am a different kind of old person: I need to get to bed early and get up early. If I stay up too late (aka later than 10pm…) I am worthless all day long!

  7. Pumpkin Spice Cheese?! What?! Um, yum!

    I’m old too. I go to bed around 9…(ish) on week nights.. or try to.

  8. I never liked cheese….until I met wine. Now I WHINE when I don’t get cheese at least every other day. I love quark out here but my favorite are the cheese shops in Spain and France and Italy….my word!
    And Germans are known for their delicate and bold blue cheeses…with cabbage and apples and squash they make a serious awesome filling for rittos.

  9. […] real star of the dinner was the last bits of the pumpkin spice chevre that we used to top the chilli.   The combination of the sweet cheese and the spicy chilli was […]

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