Local Food Date Night

Hi Friends,

Art and I have started a Thursday night “date night” tradition as it is the one night that we are both not scheduled to be working, in class, or couching basketball teams.  Usually we cook dinner, take a walk, and watch a movie.  This weekend marks our one year anniversary so we decided to make date night a bit more special and go out to eat.  Restaurant meals have been few and far between since we are both on a budget so I was quite excited about our little outing.

I’ve written about trying to eat locally produced food in the past and Art has been very cool about supporting this desire. When he suggested the Birchwood Cafe, I was more than willing to make it our date night destination.  Despite the fact that the Birchwood has been using local, real food before it was trendy to do so, I have not eaten there and have heard good things from those who have.  The place was packed at 6pm on a Thursday so we must not have been the only ones who had heard the good buzz.

I ordered the Black Bean and Quinoa Burger.  It was huge and super yummy!  It came topped with apple slices, grilled onion, blue cheese walnut spread and a red beet aioli.  All pleasant flavors.  The bun was fantastic and seedy.  Definitely something I would order again.

Art got the Turkey and Parsnip Stew.  We arranged a trade, I gave him my bottom bun and bite of burger for a bite of the stew.  It was also very tasty!  The sweet potato puree and apple chutney on top were the highlights for me. 

After sharing a piece of unphotographed carrot cake, sipping on some decaf Peace Coffee (with lots of calcium rich cream!), and savoring the diverse crowd, we agreed that the Birchwood Cafe would be worth visiting again.  The menu changes weekly based on what is fresh so we would have a whole new array of yummy chow to choose from.  YAY!



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  1. Love date nights!!! We are having one tonight, and going to Marie Calendar’s lol. I told my mom I would bring her over a pie, so thats why we are eating there haha

  2. Awww date nights are so fun. It’s great you two have a tradition set..I’m hoping to do the same with Michael but it’s kind of hard now that he’s 11 hours away ;)

    It all looks so good! And even better than it’s local!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! :)
    I have never eaten at Birchwood. The horror, I know.

    Smoked pork chops on Sunday!

  4. I love restaurants that change their menus due to season. It makes me want to go there more frequently since there is always something new. :)

  5. Ooh happy anniversary to you both :-D x

  6. Oooh I wish we had a restaurant with local, seasonal food like that around here! But it’s okay because I can make my own :) Happy anniversary!

  7. THANK YOU for posting this! As a fellow Minneapolis dweller… I totally want to check this place out! And I need to get over there before these specific foods leave the menu! YUM.

  8. Whenever I am out, I ALWAYS appreciate good bread….it is definitely an art, don’t you think? Worth the money all the time

  9. i was reading today that shopping locally is even more important than buying organic! often organic is shipped from far, far, away, and the energy used in travel kinda off sets any benefit of the farming. (sigh….it’s so complicated.) glad you had a great date night. we had one too and let’s just say i’ll be working off those calories for the next week. (yes, but so worth it though :))

  10. That stew looks splendid, yay for your anniversary!

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