Weekend in Eats

Hi Friends,

I have been a busy bee since last post.  I give you an update in food :)

Thursday Evening Ice Cream with Erika

Sebastian Joe’s Raspberry Chocolate Chip for me and Mandarin Orange Fro Yo for her.   The Raspberry Chocolate Chip is my fall back flavor when I can’t decide what I want ’cause it all looks soooooo good!  I am currently trying to mix up a recreation.  Check back tomorrow for an update and hopefully a new recipe!

Friday Night Din Din with Becca at Uptown Cafeteria.  (For you Minneapolis folks, this place is better than I was expecting.  If you can get past the slightly annoying crowd, the drinks were good, food tasty, staff friendly and prices reasonable.  I was pleasantly surprised!)

Shrimp Club Pita for Me

Chicken and Brie Sandwich for Becca

My lovely face!

Saturday morning motivation to get out of bed and work at the coffee shop.

In the mix: 1/3 cup Pineapple Chobani, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze, and 1 TB cocoa powder left to sleep overnight in the refrigerator.  Topped in the morning with cherries, walnut pieces and another blob of Pineapple Chobani.

Saturday Din Din with Art.  We had intentions of cooking but got lazy and picked up deli items from the co-op near his house.  To make up for our lack of cooking, we watched Top Chef episodes On Demand ;)

One pork egg roll and the bits of cabbage in the egg roll carton, Emerald Kale, and Veggie Pad Thai.  The kale was the highlight with a nice sesame soy flavor.  The Pad Thai was only so so and kind of dry.

Sunday Morning Pancakes with Art

Art’s box of Fiber One Pancake Mix with some local blueberries thrown in the batter.  Topped with banana, more bloobs, and a bit o’ maple.

Unpictured lunch with the famHalf Moroccan Chicken Salad at California Pizza Kitchen that included dates, beets, butternut squash, spiced chicken, avocado, and almonds.  Could you possibly pack anymore goodness in a salad?!?!

Sunday Night Classic Kate Summer Salad

Mixed greens, cooked quinoa, edamame, bloobs, home-grown basil and mint, goat cheese, walnuts and Annie’s Gingerly vinaigrette.  Honestly this is so good!  I don’t think I would get sick of eating it.  Would you get sick of looking at it?!

So have you noticed how the food pics I take at Art’s apartment are a bit nicer due to all the natural light that he gets?  Well get used to seeing more of it!  I will be moving in with him when my lease is up at the end of August!  I am really excited :)  We’ve been talking about it for a while but I didn’t want to share it here too much in advance.   This feels like a really cool next step for the two of us.  I am excited to explore St Paul and do the every day things together with him.  I am pumped :)  This means packing and moving again, which I HATE, but it will be worth it.

Time for some blog reading!  I am excited to read about what everyone has been up to.


14 Responses

  1. What an amazing update in FOOD! looks like youve been enjoying yourself girl!! :) thats what the weekends are for anyway!!! whoo!!

  2. Your ice creams look so good! I love raspberries and chocolate chips together. Nom. I also like your summer salad! It IS so perfect. Light, but also filling. I might try it. If only my basil plant would come back to life…

  3. Ooh congrats on your upcoming move :-) Nice photo too – you have a lovely smile!

    Sarah x

  4. i get to see you two times in one week?! it’s like christmas came early!! ;)

    loved catching up with you at SJs! we’ll have to keep our eye on the thai place and the “secret” coming to linden hills soon… but in the mean time, eat street? united noodle?! lets do it!

    p.s. good to hear your take on uptown cafeteria. i have also heard not fantastic things, but i think i need to just go and make my own opinion!

  5. All of your food looks delicious – especially the edamame salad! Congrats on the move – the process of moving can be so stressful, but so worth it in the end.

  6. im always jealous when people make pancakes and they turn out THIS GOOD! i feel like everyone has a secret that im not let in on. i always tear mine wheni flip them.. maybe i need a better pan. i used oil but it still breaks!! your look so amazing!!

    and Becca’s fries looks incredible, i wanna dive thru my screen and grab a handful!

    im so excited your moving in with Art! that’ll be both exhilirating and fun!! <3 good luck with the moving packing moving packing lol


  7. That shrimp club pita is seriously making me consider moving into Art’s as well just to be closer to food like that haha so happy for you! (:

  8. oh that ice cream looks just perfect!

  9. Yeah for making the announcement on the move :)

  10. love the blueberries on the salad – gorgeous! and congrats on the move too – that is very exciting.

  11. yay for moving in together! that will be fun – and the natural lighting is merely an added bonus :)

    LOVELY LOVELY EATS! can you believe i have never been to sebastian joe’s? blasphemy, i know.

    happy monday :)

  12. Congrats on moving in with Art….that will be a great adventure!

  13. That is so exciting that you two are moving in together!! You will love it! :)

  14. You do have a lovely face! And your Summer Salad is beautiful too. Thank you for being so encouraging. :)

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