I Love My Friends

Hi friends,

I had the afternoon off today.  After a leisurely work out, lunch and visit to Art’s, I was a practice dummy for my dear friend Denise.  She started a massage therapy program and needed to practice.  They are currently studying trigger point therapy in the head, neck and shoulders.  I occasionally get headaches that I believe are caused by tension in the neck and shoulders so she thought I would be a good candidate.

This was different from other massages that I had before.  It was very specific points that she applied pressure to and asked me about the sensations I was feeling as a result.  Some of the points cause pretty intense sensations and others wouldn’t.  The pressure would dissipate after a bit.  It was really cool and my head and shoulders feel lighter now.  I recommend finding a friend in massage therapy school :)  Thanks D!

Fun Meal of the Day!

I love crispy tofu but can never seem to cook it myself.   I cut two thick slices of tofu and wrapped them in paper towel while I cleaned up from my workout.  After about 10 min, I heated a bit of olive oil spray in a pan over medium high heat.  I let the tofu sit for about 5 min on each side before flipping.  Once they became golden brown, I removed them from the pan.  I let the tofu sit much longer than I typically do which I think was the key to achieving crispness.

I spread spicy brown mustard on a piece of toast and topped with spinach, cherry tomatoes and the tofu.  Yum!  Accompaniments included asparagus, a few weird rice chips, and a blob of Whole Foods Spinach Hummus.  The hummus is rather unexceptional.  I’d recommend buying something else.

Super curious to see what is going to happen on SYTYCD tonight with Alex’s injury and all.  Tomorrow is Friday!  WHOOT!


8 Responses

  1. That sounds iike quite the friend to have around : ) Jealous! Enjoy it!!

  2. Omg my mommy in law went to massage school, so I get free massages on my bday :) so so wonderful!!

  3. Free massage? I’m so jealous ;) That tofu meal looks so yummy I could eat it right now!

    Sarah x

  4. How awesome is it that your friend needed to practice massaging someone?! Jealous :D

  5. Oh it’s been too long since my last massage. I think it’s been 6 months. That’s way too long.

  6. Oh my God I need a friend in massage school. I have the worst chronic back/head/neck pain. I get the occassional massage but they are just so damn expensive. I won’t lie, I have thought about going to massage school just so that my classmates can practice on me, lol.

    Love the crispy tofu! I think it has the best texture when baked in the oven.

  7. wow! im so glad the therapy worked for you! im glad everything feels lighter and more loosened up!

    i wish we all had a friend in massage school haha <3 thats awesome!


  8. See, I have it in my head that I don’t really like tofu…I think I’d be into this crispy version, though.

    P.S. Hiiiiiiiiii! I miss you! Hope you’re doing well! I’m so out of the blogworld loop. :/

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