Rolling Around on the Floor

Hi friends,

As a part of my Creative Arts in the Healing Journey class, we are supposed to flex our creative muscle once every day.  I just spent 25 minutes practicing Authentic Movement in my apartment.  We used this quite often in my under grad dance classes.  I start my session by lying on the floor and taking a scan of my body.  Eventually I began moving.  The movement evolved very organically and didn’t look like “dance.”  I was playing with the concept of folding and unfolding, both in the physical and metaphorical sense.  After I was done, I did a bit of journaling to reflect.  It was really nice.  First step in honoring my intuition and being creative

Today was Vegan Thursday!

Breakfast – 1 small orange, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1 packet Vanilla Spiru-tein, 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, and 4 ice cubes.  Topped with Nature’s Path Flax Flakes.

Lunch – Whole Foods Fiber Pita filled with Holy Land Deli Jalapeno Humus, cucumber, red pepper and spinach.  It has been too long since I’ve enjoyed some Holy Land Deli humus.  If you can find brand near you, buy it now!  The consistency is perfect.

Dinner – I was loving the pita and humus at lunch and was craving more at dinner.  I sautéed broccoli, a medium carrot, red pepper, a portabella and some broccoli slaw.  Topped things off with a generous blob of humus and half a pita.

Am enjoying a little tea and Thursday night television while I blog.  I love Thursday night tv.  The Parks and Rec, Office, and 30 Rock combo is perfection :)



3 Responses

  1. ohhh I haven’t had spiru-tein in a looong time. I should go back to that stuff!

    but what I *really* wanted to say is that my first year in college I took a dance movement therapy class (through the dance dept) and a lot of what you’re talking about falls right in with the kind of stuff we did! I think you’d find a lot of the stuff really interesting!

  2. I thought of you yesterday!

    I was in such a bad mood and really anxious all day, but I couldn’t figure out why. I decided to take a bath to hopefully help me chill out.

    I suppose since my mind was finally clear (not a lot of visual distractions in the bathtub), what was bothering me eventually came to me! I started crying! LOL. It was like a revelation – I always have that I’m-in-a-bad-mood-but-don’t-know-why feeling. I felt better afterward.

    [Alright, so taking a bath isn’t necessarily creative, but at least I was able to clear my mind, right?]

  3. Yum for pita and hummus. Hope you have a somewhat relaxing day girl!

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