2010 Goals

Hi Friends,

Sorry the posts have been so sporadic lately.  My schedule has been a bit wonky with the holidays and I have been dining with friends and relatives frequently.  I just can’t bring myself to bust out my camera in a public place or in front of others.  Does anyone else have issues with this?

Anyway in the spirit of the impending year, I have decide to follow suit of Holly and Angela and write a list of things I will do in 2010.

1.  Create a movement/dance piece dealing with my eating issues and show it once for my independent study class and once elsewhere.

2.  Run a 5K by the end of May.  This will require some research but I will update you on the decided race in the next week or two.

3.  Put at least $50 dollars in savings each month.  Very challenging considering that my income is substantially less than it used to be.  It will probably mean saying no to some invites out or not spending as much money when out which brings me to……

4.  Consume no more than 3 alcoholic drinks and 1 refined sugar dessert in a typical week.   I feel so much better when I do this now I just need to commit to it!  I think there is nothing with a dark chocolate square or a Fudge Baby on a daily basis but I will limit ice cream/cake/sugary coffee drinks to once a week.  Exceptions will be made for birthdays and major holidays.

5.  At least 2 cardio and 2 weight lifting work outs and 1 yoga class each week.

6.  Spend time with  parents and brother twice a month.  My parents are moving an hour closer to Minneapolis so hopefully I will get to see them more often.

7.  Continue blogging five times a week and writing in a journal twice a week.   I feel like I know more about myself since I’ve started writing.  I don’t know if I have anything of interest to say but I really like the process of doing it.

So, NYE plans have been formalized.  I am meeting my aunt and cousins who are in town looking at colleges.  We are going to check out the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and then get lunch somewhere on Eat Street.  The date boy (who I think I will now be referring to as the bf!) and I are going out to eat with some of his friends and will ring in the new year at my roommate’s brother’s party.  I am excited!

Hope you are all well,


3 Responses

  1. those are some awesome goals – and totally attainable! blogging IS a great way to explore self-expression and find out more about who you are. keep it going girl!

    lotsa love!

  2. […] my exercise page.  I’ve made it to the gym about 4 times a week before Christmas.  My goal for 2010 is 5 times.  I know I can do […]

  3. […] am going to start updating my Exercise page again.  After posting my 2010 Goals.  I am remotivated and recommitted to sharing my workouts.  Accountability on the world wide web […]

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