Babies and lists

Hi Friends,

Wow!  This has been a whirlwind weekend.  I spent way too much money and indulged in too many treats, but I had a blast and got to spend quality time with lots of friends.  So I think it was all worth it :)

I thought I was done with my holiday tray o’ treats to take to my family celebration on Thursday but I was inspired by my shift at the coffee shop today and Miss Katie’s latest batch of Tiramisu Babies.  I give you Nutella Babies with a caffeine habit!

I tossed some roasted hazelnuts, dates, coco powder, a splash of vanilla and a packet of Starbuck Via instant coffee into the food processor and out came these little ladies.  In classic Kate style, I didn’t measure, just added more ’til I like the taste!  These little Buzzy Baby ‘Ellas are quite tasty and you really only need a tiny one to satisfy the dessert craving.

The Empty Nut Jar passed a seven random fact post onto me.  So here are seven random things you don’t know about me.  In no particular order:

1.  I was the dancing hippo and Frosty in our annual christmas dance show.

2.  I don’t have my ear pierced but do have my nose pierced. 

3.  I have never been to New York City.

4.  I hate driving on bridges.

5.  My first dog was a golden retriever named Caramel.

6.  I once laughed so hard that I did actually wet my pants.  Quite embarrassing :)

7.  My computer desk is red.

And for my weekly practice, here are some things I am thankful for/really like.

1.  That I get to see my family in four short days :)

2.  Robert Ullery’s Couch to 5K podcasts.

3.  Fuji Ya’s seaweed salad and the fact you can place a take out order on Sunday nights when you are feeling lazy :)

4.  My new landlord.  (Not only is super on top of things, he also gave us a gift card to Pizza Luce for Christmas!)

5.  That I got to see so many great friends this weekend. 

6.  Snowy mornings and having someone to snuggle with ;)

7.  Going to bed early!

I think that is all for tonight.  One of the drawbacks of socializing so much this weekend is that it left me a bit sleep deprived :(  I will be calling it an early night!

Good night friends!


4 Responses

  1. Yay!! Gorgeous babies, Miss Kate :)

  2. Howww long have I lived in Minneapolis, and I still haven’t been to Fuji-Ya. And I live in Uptown too!! Geeez.

    Glad to hear you’ve been having a great couple of last days, and you’re so right – the “indulgences” are way worth it. When you look back, you’re going to remember the memories had with friends, not the treats you *temporarily* wish you didn’t ;)

  3. […] it out!  The bars look fabulous and the raw babies are always ridiculously tasty.   Btw, my Nutella Babies With a Caffine Habit went over very well with the […]

  4. […] Nutella Babies with a Caffine Habit […]

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