Banana Buttery Goodness!

Hi friends,

Just a quick post before I head out the evening. 


Tonight I tried Banana Butter from Chocolate Covered Katie.  (click on that link!  Help support Chocolate Covered Kindness.  It is easy and a good cause!)  I was out of ripe banana so I melted half a frozen banana in the microwave and stirred in some pb and cinnamon.  I spread the whole mess on a piece of Ezekiel toast.   Holy crap!  So good!  I am definitely enjoying a second piece right now.



Small slip up in the sugar free challenge :(  I met a classmate to review papers this afternoon.  I ordered a Reed’s Ginger Beer instead of an alcoholic beverage thinking I was being all good.  So not terrible and definitely not a sugar binge but it was added sugar.  Not going to fixate on this and enjoy the rest of the weekend.




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  1. Aww now I’m hungry too! :)

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