Happiness is…

Hi Friends,

I give you the Christmas Edition of my happiness list.  Happiness is….

- your little Mazda 3 transporting you and your boyfriend 635.4 miles across two states for various celebrations.

- singing Christmas songs loudly in said Mazda while your boyfriend silently smiles and keeps comments about your awful voice to himself.

- seeing family!!!  and playing with their cute babies and dogs!!

- eating a snot load of cookies and chocolates and not freaking out about it ’cause you realize it is not everyday that you come across a giant tray of carbs baked with love by your aunts.

- crock pot meats.  crock pots are brilliant for feeding crowds of 30 plus people.  throw in some meat, a little something liquidy and let it do its thing.  why did i not invent crock pots?

- listening to your body well enough to know that it craves veggies and water after all the cookies and meats and alcoholic beverages.

- planning to make black bean soup for dinner tonight with your new immersion blender!!!!

- arriving home to find your camera is miraculously working again!  yehaw!  i seriously turned it on last night just to check if it was functioning and it appears to be working again.  weird.

- making a big old green smoothie dinner for you and your boyfriend and chilling on the couch after completing your first holiday season together :)

Ah yes.  Good times.  So I owe you all some breakfasts from my time without a camera.  I will extend the challenge in order to truly have 30 days of photographed breakfasts.  I am also scheming up a cookbook challenge of some sort for January.  Stay tuned.

Hope you all had great Christmas celebrations.  I am excited to read blogs and see what everyone was up to!


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5 Responses

  1. Love all of these! We must get together soon, I have missed you!

  2. Wooohooo for Mazda girls and them taking us hundreds of miles to see our boyfriends!! :D

    Agreed on the “craving veggies” part, too. I can’t remember the last time all I wanted was a carrot..and I’ve been eating fruit like crazy!

  3. love all those too!

    Dana xo


  4. these are great! crock pot meals!? HELLZ YEA!

  5. LOVE this, girl! So happy for you!

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