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Hi Friends,

True confession:  I started getting antsy for fall at the end of July.  One of my day campers came in all excited from buying new school supplies and his enthusiasm rubbed off on me.  I love fall as it means that schools starts up again; apples and pumpkin and meals from the oven;  and gorgeously colorful, crunchy Minnesota leaves.  It seems like a time for rest, rejuvenation, and new possibilities.

In honor of a September new beginning, I came up with the following “goals” for the month.

1.  Keep up on my school reading!  I am a pretty slow reader.  Shortly after my day camper planted the fall bug in my brain, I looked up my text books online and got a jump on my reading.  I am taking a Complimentary and Alternative Approaches to Nutrition class and have been loving all the Micheal Pollan reading that was on the list.  Hopefully my prep work will keep me caught up on the assignments.

2.  Be flexible with my food choices.  After five years of cooking for only myself, incorporating Art into my cooking plan is challenging :)  He is pretty open to trying new things but I want to take his tastes into consideration too.  I think I will be fine with this as time goes on, but right now it is a change and change is always a bit tricky for me!   Those of you that cook for more than one, how do you deal with this?

3.  Find time for exercise.  With my move and new schedule, I need to find a new way to incorporate exercise into my life.  I do so much better at life when I have “sweaty time” in my day.  I just applied for a scholarship at a gym in my new neighborhood (grad student = tight budget!) and am saddened to hear that processing could take up to three weeks.  yikes!!!!!  I had a free gym membership through one of my old jobs.  So until then,  I shall utilize the great outdoors and yoga downloads.  Again, change is hard for me :)

Today felt very fallsy with cooler temps so I thought today would be a nice day to utilize the oven for dinner.  Enter the frittata.  Breakfast for dinner is never a bad thing :)

I simply mixed eight eggs, a splash of 1% milk, sliced cherry tomatoes, spinach, and chopped mozzarella.  I poured it into a greased 9 inch pie pan and popped it into a 425 degree oven for 15 min.  Viola dinner and left overs for tomorrow too!  I served the frittata with bacon and a slice of levain toast.

New weird search term that lead someone to my blog: “I bust a nut in her mouth” which lead to this post.  EWWW!



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11 Responses

  1. School reading is also hard for me to keep up with, but simply because I am usually bored with the book. If it is something that interests me I will tear through it, but otherwise I drag it out

  2. I just pick new recipes and try them, sometimes Mike likes them sometimes he doesn’t.

  3. Ok, I seriously had to lol when I read the search term that lead to your previous post!

  4. HAHAHA!! Sorry. That was hilarious. I wonder what my grandma would say to that phrase…. she would probably think we’re talking about hazelnuts or something. :D

    Good call on the exercising outdoors. Break out that ol’ bicycle, pull on the rollerblades!

  5. That breakfast-dinner hybrid looks and sounds very tasty. For me autumn is an exciting time also, not least because I can go bramble picking :-)

    Sarah x

  6. Oh my — I’ve had some weird phrases pop up for me too, but nothing like that!

    Cooking for 2 is easy (for me) because Jason is not picky. He doesn’t like to cook, so he’s happy with whatever I make for him. I try to make things that we can each personalize: burrito/taco night, pizza night, sandwiches/soups. I make lots of stir-fries and sometimes we have breakfast for dinner (eggs/toast, pancakes, french toast, etc).

  7. Eww! You really have to wonder about people sometimes. Some of the phrases on my blog are weird but nothing as ick as that!

  8. Sometimes you need a little bacon — it’s a good craving to have. :)

    I have only ever cooked for myself! But when I lived with my mom we did a lot of giant stir-fries and frittatas as well! You can also do whole wheat pasta with different sauces/toppings, or “make your own salad” with a variety of toppings. Good luck!

    I love fall too but am NOT excited about starting school. Senior year of college is exciting, but I am also more than ready to be done. :/

  9. I can see what you mean about incorporating ART and newness into your cooking…our need as women to feed and have others like what we make is both stimulating and can be draining. But I think eating the SAME thing is key for togetherness, because a “have it your way” approach is too stressful, and really, not that much fun. Some days, he’ll like it more, other’s you will. When you can’t compromise…order out!

  10. lol bust a nut!!! thats too funny :) :)
    mmm frittata with a good amount of veg mixed in <3 they fill me up so much. all that eggy protein!


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