smoothie and blog love

Hi Friends,

It has been a long day.  First day of summer camps at the before and after school program I was working at.  I pretty much yapped at new parents and campers from 6 to 10am without taking a break to breathe.  After a brief pit stop at home for lunch, I headed to the coffee shop for four hours.  

During my lunch break, I learned that we would have to be out of our apartment this evening while our land lord did some work.  Since I had to be gone, I decided that the gym followed by Whole Foods salad bar were in order!  I am finally getting a change to unwind and chill before doing it all over again tomorrow.

I honestly contemplated not posting but tonight but I just had to do it.  Cassie said it best in this post, but you lovely bloggers are like a whole other set of friends.  I want to share and read about your life !  Blogging has becoming such an important part of my day and I seriously look forward to doing it :)

Breakfast – Day 31  

Freckled Smoothie

Into the blender went 1/2 cup fresh bloobs, half a 6oz carton of Low Fat Vanilla Stonyfield, 1/2 cup Almond Breeze, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen spinach, a 1/4 a scoop of Arai protein powder for vanilla flavor, a bunch of cinnamon and 3 ice cubes.  Topped with some Kashi Heart to Heart.  Nice texture, good tasty and cute freckles.  What more could you possibly ask for in a smoothie?!?! 

Good night friends!


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9 Responses

  1. i am exhausted just reading about how busy u r :)

  2. I love that you called that smoothie “freckled”, and also used the words “cute” and “freckles” in the same sentence. I wish I could have heard that when I was a little girl!! ;)

    Went to WF today too!! And bought two more pints of blood orange. That brand also makes a Wild Blueberry flavor that used to get in Boston… and I can’t find it ANYWHERE here!! >=/ It is sooo good.

  3. Yummy! I love smoothies with granola on top!

  4. Like the first commenter I’m exhausted for you! It’s true, blogging is such an amazing thing, and when I first started my online journal I never expected to meet so many fabulous people, who have given me so much insight into life itself and helped me gain a better understanding of myself.

    Sarah x

  5. I also have the need for blogging, it’s like talking to my friends :)
    I just wish I could meet somebody, but i’m pretty far away from you all :(
    Love the smoothie!

  6. Aw you know I LOVE bloggy friends. :) And girl, get some sleep! You must be exhausted after such a long day!

  7. Oh yum…I want that smoothie!!

  8. Hehe, I’m a freckled girl so I love the freckled smoothie! So cute!

  9. [...] Freckled Smoothie!  Prefect smoothie texture, great taste and nutritious too.  I should probably do a table breakfast recreation as there were some super good pancake creations too.  [...]

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