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Hi Friends,

Had the most lovely time in Duluth this weekend.  The BF and I made a nice traveling team.  I was a bit nervous before the trip as this was going to be the longest stretch of time that we had spent together.  Everything went swimmingly.  We bummed around the city, did some hiking along the north shore and enjoyed some delicious eats. 

I think the foodie highlight of the trip was a slice of Rhubarb Raspberry Crunch pie from the world famous Betty’s Pies.  My camera was dead otherwise I most definitely would have snapped a photo.  It was positively glorious and picture perfect.  The rhubarb adds such a nice bit of pop to the pie.  We were trying to think of rhubarb recipes that we not baked goods but couldn’t come up with any.  Anyone have any?  Please share!

The following are some photos I snapped during our hike at Gooseberry Falls.  The weather was a little crappy but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

After making a major grocery store run this afternoon, all I could think about for dinner was seaweed salad and miso soup from Fuji Ya, may fav neighborhood sushi joint. 

I dished out ten bucks and ordered some take out.  Vacation officially ends tomorrow right ?!?!

Things I am thankful for/really like

1.  Traveling! and returning home

2.  The BF

3.  The fact that it is almost 8pm and it is still lightish out!

4.  Spring break all this week.  YEHAW!

5.  Anticipating 70 degree weather on Tuesday.

6.  Iced coffee!

I am having trouble forming coherent thoughts, so I should probably call it a night.  The before school program has all day programming for the kiddos since there is no school so I’ll be working some different shifts this week.  Should be fun!

What did you all do this weekend and please share any rhubarb recipes you have!



peace out!

Hi Friends,

Wanted to say toodles before I head to Duluth tomorrow for our mini spring break!  It is supposed to be colder there than it is in Minneapolis but whatever.



I love my parents

Hi friends,

I think I may have the best parents.  I was so doped up on cold meds on Monday that I completely forgot it was my mom’s birthday.  Yikes!  I called her early Tuesday morning still slightly doped and feeling extremely guilty to wish her a happy birthday.  After at 10 hour day today, I arrived home to these beauties.

The parentals sent me a lovely bunch of tulips with a note wishing me a fast recovery from my cold.  I seriously almost cried.  How great are they?!  I am very thankful to have such supportive, giving parents.  I love them!

Check out Cassie’s great post.  Seriously inspirational.  I am all charged up now after reading it. 

I must be getting my period soon.  I am not usually this emotional :)

Later friends,


Rice WIN!

Hi friends,

This weekend I did something new!  After years of subsiding on instant rice, my inner cheap skate got the best of me and I made brown rice on the stove top.  Yehaw!

Just look at all that fluffy, ricey goodness.  Post college I over-cooked like 10 pots of rice before throwing in the towel and going instant.  After a few google searches, I put my pot of carefully measured rice and water on the stove and set the timer on my phone.  Forty minuets later I was left with a weeks worth of rice.  YUM!

I’ve been eating lots of meals like this lately and was excited to add my homemade rice into the mix.

I’ve been filling a large bowl with a grain, protein, sautéed/steamed veggies and some sort of sauce.  It has been hitting the spot and I know that it is a balanced meal.  This mix includes the rice, kidney beans, sautéed broccoli. mushrooms and spinach topped with a green onion, avocado and Newman’s Own Black Bean Salsa.  Yum!  The combination are endless.  Last week I had quinoa, tofu, steamed mushroom and bok choy topped with a mix of miso, tahini and tamari.  I really should have photographed that one too as it was outstanding.

Thanks for your well wishes yesterday.  I have two functioning nostrils now which is very nice but am still not up to 100 percent.  I heard this year is supposed to  be a bad one for allergies.  blah!  I haven’t had them since I was a kid so I am really hoping this is just a cold and not them resurfacing.




Hi friends,

I feel like poo right now.  I can’t decide if I have a cold or allergies, but all I know is that is SUCKS!  I attempted to go to class tonight but decided against it.  A holistic health class is not the place to be coughing and blowing your nose every 5 min.  Gross!  Anybody have secret remedies that the swear by?  Please share :)

Two bits to share:

Check out Kelly’s blog.  She has a really cool link on her blog where you can write your government reps urging them to support healthier school lunch choices.  It is quick and easy and oh so important!

Have you guys heard about the woman who is trying to weigh 1000 pounds?  I’ve seen her on Entertainment Tonight (I know!) a few times and really don’t know what I think about this.  I try not to judge people’s weight issues but this one irks me a bit.  I’m all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin but that amount of weight is DANGEROUS!  I want to know what is going on inside that makes her want this as her “thing.”

Ok, off to take a steamy shower and hopefully unplug my other nostril.  bluck!



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